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A to Z of Productivity

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By Hannah Swierstra

As odd as it may sound, I am PASSIONATE about productivity, I know, other people are passionate about the arts, music, cinema, cool stuff. Me, it’s productivity, because being more productive means I get to spend more time on the cool stuff. And the not so cool stuff like 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles.

It’s something I like to share – if you follow me on social media, you may have noticed.

One thing I’ve realised recently as I work on other people’s social media is that I don’t really have a strategy of my own. Another thing I’m passionate about is honesty & not pretending I have all my ducks in a row, because while I am excellent at helping you align your ducks, I’m not always so fantastic at getting mine together. In fact, due to my recent workload mine tend to resemble the dispersed ducks on the River Ure after Kiki dog, has visited (always on a lead and out of reach).

I’ve been thinking about strategy, content pillars, what posts belong where, which social media platforms I want to use etc. and then while lazing in front of the telly, wine in hand, it struck me…

An A-Z of productivity, within 15 minutes I had almost 52 headings. 52 weeks covered, along with blog posts and email content – boom!

Hannah’s lesson for the day:

Watch telly, drink the wine, it’ll come! 🍷