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About me

Hello, I am Hannah, founder of Balance VA Services. After working for over 12 years in administration and management roles, I decided to use the knowledge and skills I had learned to help small businesses flourish.

Seeing a Problem & Having the Answer

It started when friends and family of mine, who run their own businesses, talked about their work-life balance and essentially how non-existent it was. They worked all the hours. They missed out on new opportunities, and whilst they love what they do, they often felt depleted.

I’d regularly found myself giving them productivity and admin tips, mocking up a document template, or proofreading things before they sent them out. I considered changing my middle name to “streamline” via deed poll….

Nothing gives me more joy, apart from good food and wine than finding better ways of working, solving problems, and ticking those things off your list.

It was only a matter of time before I moved into the SME business realm myself and set up in the best way possible to help business owners and managers get back on track and enjoy the benefits of business growth.

Passionate About Email Marketing Solutions

A mailing list can be an invaluable business tool if it is used effectively. When helping clients with online business management services I would often hear grumbles about this wasted resource.

Problem-solving me did what anyone would do. I threw myself into additional advanced training and became certified in MailerLite. Now I help those clients and others by setting up and running their email campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

About You!

I work with businesses that range from sole traders and small businesses to larger enterprises and charities. While every sector is very different, the problems they face are the same. Too much to do and not enough time. This is where I come in.

By outsourcing the tasks you aren’t fond of or just don’t have time for you and your business may benefit in several ways, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Clarity
  • Being enabled to better utilise the specialist skillset of employees
  • Promoting work-life balance
  • Enabling business leaders and owners to get back to what they love about running their business
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About How You Like to Work

Every business is different which is why I offer both set packages and bespoke offers. This enables you to retain my services in the best way for you and your business.

With Online Business Management support, this might mean a seasonal contract for especially busy times, a retainer contract or just ad hoc support when you need it.

Email marketing system building and support are more structured due to the nature of the work but again, I have a package to suit all needs and budgets.

I want to hear more about YOU.

Book a free, no-obligation Discovery Call to discuss your business administration and email marketing needs. I’m sure I can find you a solution.

My Commitment to You

At Balance VA Services I am committed to providing a professional and enjoyable experience to all my clients. Creating a relationship built on trust with open lines of communication is extremely important for me to ensure work is completed effectively, on time and to a high standard.

Before we start working together we will enter into a contract based on my proposal, the pricing of which has been agreed upon. You will be provided with a copy of my Terms of Business. Where I am processing personal data on behalf of my client, I will provide a personalised Data Processing Contract.

I welcome feedback from customers, potential clients, visitors to the website and people in my network. If you have any questions or feedback please contact me at