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Virtual Assistant Services

What if I told you that you could save time and money by having someone else take over tasks you dislike, and which stop you from working on building the business?


A Virtual Assistant creates space.

Image of a woman, taken from behind, she is sitting by her desk, looking out the window with her hands behind her head. The image gives the impression she is very relaxed as she has outsourced to a virtual assistant!

They take over the tasks you don’t want to do or that you spend time procrastinating over. When you don’t know where to start with a task or project it can be overwhelming. The space (and relief) they offer enables you to work on projects that you love. Being able to climb out from under the stressful aspects of your work gives you the headspace to be creative and envision new ways to innovate and grow. 

Did you know…

When you take on a VA you don’t need to pay National Insurance, invest in their professional development, pay into a workplace pension for them or pay for anything other than the contract amount for their services – you don’t even pay me to pee!

I offer retainer contracts (good for those who need regular ongoing support) as well as ad hoc contracts (especially useful for businesses that have particularly busy seasons).

How Utilising VA Services Lightens the Load

A virtual assistant takes on a variety of business-related tasks that an on-site personal assistant and a business manager would usually split between them and completes them virtually/remotely. I won’t need a desk in your office and you don’t need to meet me in person. Everything is online and that makes things simpler for you.

A virtual assistant also frees up employee time to work on other projects, to dedicate time to further training and to allow them to take on work that is best suited to their specific skill set.

I offer a range of support services including, but not limited to:

  • Advice on how to streamline your business by troubleshooting inefficiencies through the creation of effective office systems & processes.
  • Social Media management.
  • Project administration.
  • Event support: online and in person.
  • Meeting administration: organisation, agenda, meeting preparation and minute taking.
  • General administration and Executive Assistant support

Pricing & Packages

If you know you will need ongoing monthly support, Monthly Retainers are the perfect answer for you with pricing starting at £32 per hour.

10 hours – £350 per month 

20 hours – £670 per month 

30 hours – £960 per month

Retainers must be paid in advance and hours cannot be carried forward; time is tracked using an app and calculated to the nearest 15 minutes; briefing time is included in your hours; additional hours are charged at the retainer rate unless you reach the next threshold.

Please note: My online business management services are currently very popular, as such I am operating a waiting list. You have two options:

  • Sign up for my waiting list today;
  • I am taking bookings for email marketing system support (I am a certified MailerLite specialist) – head over to find out more → Email Marketing Services

What next?

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