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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a skilled administrator, usually with Executive Assistant and/or Office Management experience who works remotely. Or, as defines it; a freelance office assistant, that works remotely in an administrative role.


In other words – you want something done, a VA can do it.


Think of me as Louise to your Thelma, well maybe not but you get the idea!

Who can we help?

Anyone and everyone, from busy executives to overwhelmed parents and budding entrepreneurs and sole traders to larger businesses.


There is a VA out there for everyone!


The main reason I decided to start my business as a Virtual Assistant is to help growing businesses save time, be that sole traders or companies with several employees.


I am the admin department that growing businesses so desperately need.

The person that can make sure you’ve not only booked in that meeting with a client but the zoom is scheduled, it’s in your calendar and you will get a reminder.


The person that can schedule your Social Media posts so you don’t end up having sleepless nights about it.

Or the person that can ensure you have the correct checks in place before a new employee starts in your organisation.


Are all VA's the same?

No, we’re not.


Some are highly specialised while others are generalists (me).


Some have over 10 years’ experience (me) while others are not long out of college with great technical experience.


To help give you an understanding of the things I can support you with, these are some of the things I’ve been up to over the past few months:



  • Creation of a monthly newsletter & automated emails through Mailchimp.
  • Social Media creation & scheduling.
  • Project administration.
  • Website updates.


  • Diary & email management including inbox detox
  • Document mapping, organisation & filing.
  • Research of all kinds from sourcing branded pencils to how to host an amazing online party.


  • Recruitment of staff from advert through to interview arrangements and on-boarding.
  • Taking minutes for sensitive Human Resources meetings.

How do you choose?

The obvious answer from me would be – you’re here, pick me! But it does really depend on what you want from a Virtual Assistant.


Do you need someone with a specialist skill, or are you looking for someone to help with the day to day tasks?


What’s your budget? It’s important to think about how much you can afford to pay. Remember that while a VA is doing work you are freeing up your or an employee’s time. How much is that time worth to you?


Then it’s time to get out there and have a look:


  • Ask your network – you’ll get recommendations, they’ll put you in touch either with Vas they know or businesses using a VA.
  • Organise a 1-2-1 with them to find out if you get on with each other. Trust is hugely important when outsourcing to anyone, in particular a VA, so if it doesn’t feel right that’s ok.
  • Can they meet your needs? Are they available when you need them, how do they communicate, are they flexible? All of this you can find out through their Terms & Conditions and your 1-2-1.


Virtual Assistants can help you with the tasks that you don’t want to do, don’t have time to do, or simply don’t have the headspace to do. My aim is to give you more balance in your life so you can spend more time growing your business; seeing friends and family; learning a new skill; getting active or resting & recuperating.


Hopefully, that has given you a little insight into the mysterious world of the VA.

If you’d like to book a 1-2-1 to discuss how I can help you then follow this link: book a call or email me at